1984 Night at the Arcade

1984 Night at the Arcade


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Age restriction: 18+

Dit programma kan door de huidige ontwikkelingen rondom het coronavirus op deze datum niet doorgaan. Uiterlijk half april ontvangen kaartkopers meer informatie over de verdere afwikkeling hiervan.

Please note: this event has been moved

1984 Night at the Arcade

Lifelike / College / Maethelvin / Night Arcade Soundsystem

Gated reverbs, arpeggiated synths.. 80’s vibes all night long by synthesizer heavy weights Lifelike, College and the equally gifted Maethelvin. Joined by smooth mixing Shady Lady, accompanied by Night Arcade regular Devereaux 85. With visuals coming from vj Synaesthesik. Get ready to dance!

College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack)

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