Arts of Resistance: Talks & Performances

Arts of Resistance: Talks & Performances


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The ticket gives you entry to the entire festival program, including music, talks, films, performances and an exhibition. We sell tickets in different price-ranges. So this is pay as you like/can. If you can't afford a ticket but you do want to join the festival, please send an email to

7:30pm doors open
8:00 talks & performances

Arts of Resistance: Talks & Performances

Arts of Resistance originated from the vision to bring art and activism together. With a festival of the same name, this initiative pays tribute to the anti-imperialist resistance art of then and now. Because colonialism lives on in the present. On Saturday 27 August, the anti-imperialist resistance in Amsterdam will come to life with a varied and inspiring line-up in our building: from hip-hop to afrobeat, dance and film, spoken word and talks... Be there!

In the Upstairs hall we host a program with in-depth panel discussions, dance, spoken word and revolutionary songs. This is the place for depth and engagement in the festival. With older generations of activists Nadia Tilon and Siswa Santoso we discuss the relevance of culture in anti-imperialist organization in Indonesia, Suriname and the Netherlands. They are joined by Tings Chak, the Art Director of the Tricontinental Institute, who takes over from the historic movements that fought for unity in the Global South.

Our headliner Lowkey - rapper, activist and podcast host - will extend the conversation to imperialism in the 21st century. But we certainly won't talk alone. The panels are interspersed with decolonial dance techniques by Anima Ruissen, spoken word about Palestine and imperialism by Stryder and Chris de Ploeg, and old revolutionary songs sung by Nadia Tilon and Marikit Saturay.

Expect inspiration, reflection and lessons for our activism today. And a good basis to then go completely crazy in the Old Hall (Oude Zaal) for our musical main program!

Nadia Tilon
Siswa Santoso
Anima Ruissen
Tings Chak
Marikit Saturay
Ali Al-Jaberi
Chris de Ploeg

  • 19:30 deuren open
    20:00 Paneldiscussion
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