Arty Party: Photography Graduates #3

Arty Party: Photography Graduates #3

Marta Capilla Urbano, Shreya de Souza, Naomi He-Ji, Zoë Sluijs, Marysia Świetlicka


Tijdens de persconferentie van dinsdagavond 13 oktober maakte de overheid bekend over te gaan tot een gedeeltelijke lockdown. Om deze reden hebben wij besloten om per direct voor vier weken onze deuren te sluiten en organiseren we tot tenminste woensdag 11 november geen activiteiten met publiek in de zaal. Helaas heeft dit tot gevolg dat ook onze Expo in die periode haar deuren sluit en de tentoonstelling afgelast is.

Tuesday - Sunday, 12:00 - 21:00 / Entrance via Milk, Marnixstraat 409

Please note: this event has already taken place

Arty Party: Photography Graduates #3

Marta Capilla Urbano, Shreya de Souza, Naomi He-Ji, Zoë Sluijs, Marysia Świetlicka

Melkweg Expo presents Arty Party: Photography Graduates # 3 -  where we bring together a selection of photography graduates in our Expo space for the third time. Together with five scouts, who support Melkweg Expo from their own background and expertise, we select young talented graduates with work that stimulates and moves. Join the party from October 22d till November 15th in Melkweg Expo.

To visit the exhibition, a free online reservation by email is required. Claim your reservation by sending an email to with your time of arrival and your name and mobile number. In addition, we kindly ask everyone above the age of 13 to wear a face mask in the exhibition space. 

The challenges the graduates had to face this year were exceptional. While the pandemic reshaped our world, the 2020 art troops marched resolutely towards their destination, maneuvering between covid-19, an intelligent lockdown, online classes, closed workspaces and self-quarantine. Proving the resilience of art, they didn’t let the pandemic stop them from creating art and presenting it to a transformed world.

The main goal of Melkweg Expo is to nurture and promote emerging talent and help them reach a broader audience. Together with Angelo Bromet (Prospect 11), Veronica Daltri (Futures), Bete van Meeuwen (photographer), Amelie Schüle (Foam) and Çigdem Yüksel (photographer), each working from their own background and expertise, we present a selection of photographic works that move and deserve a bigger audience.

Arty Party: Photography Graduates # 3 offers anyone who missed his shot at the graduations shows a new opportunity to discover young photography talent at its best.

Photographers: Marta Capilla Urbano, Shreya de Souza, Naomi He-Ji, Zoë Sluijs and Marysia Świetlicka

Amelie Schüle
is a Project Coordinator at FOAM Amsterdam working on its public programme and projects outside the museum. From January 2018 until February 2020, she was a curator at Unseen Amsterdam and was responsible for the festival programming as well as organising projects throughout the year. Prior to this, she worked for 6 years in the commercial gallery sector in Switzerland. She obtained a Master’s degree in Curatorial Studies at the Zurich School of the Arts.

After studying Photojournalism and Reportage in Roma, Veronica Daltri graduated in Curatorial Practice at Fondazione Fotografia Modena. She moved to Amsterdam and through the years, she collaborated with institutions such as Paradox, Noor Images and Unseen Amsterdam. Project manager of the platform Futures Photography, she recently started a collaboration as independent image editor for the Correspondent.

Bete van Meeuwen is a self-taught visual artist, who started her photography business at 20 years old by conceptualising topics that touch upon identity, something all of us are confronted with on a daily basis. Bete’s civic engagement proliferated over the years, using Instagram as a means to discuss and address topics related to gender, race and womxnhood. Currently, she seeks ways to actively synergize her photography with her online activism.

Photographer Çigdem Yüksel points her camera at places where conflict is or arises. She’s a strong advocate for inclusive imagery and committed to portraying the human side of conflicts. In 2016 she won the Canon Silver Camera Prize.

Angelo Bromet is a connector and an expert in the field of youth culture, building bridges between institutions and young people. He has been responsible for projects such as: Prospect 11, Milk Made (Melkweg), Heesterveld Community, Jongeren Cultuurhuis Nolimit, the Noorderparkkamer and New Metropolis Zuidoost (from Pakhuis de Zwijger).