Attila / Veil Of Maya

Attila / Veil Of Maya


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Attila / Veil Of Maya

support: Sylar

The death metal rockers of Attila are surprisingly different as their competition. As the inventors of the 'party death metal' genre, the band from Atlanta takes everything but seriously. With outrageously ridiculous lyrics, but a rock-solid sound they've been touring the world since 2005 with the likes of Arsonists Get All the Girls, See You Next Tuesday and Chelsea Grin.

Vorig jaar bracht Veil of Maya hun zesde album 'False Idol' uit en de formatie (met nieuwe zanger Lukas Magyar) was onder andere te zien in Patronaat in Haarlem. Deze band weet prima zieke grunts en screams te combineren met ’cleane zang'. Dat beloofd een dikke party te worden.

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    19:30 Sylar
    20:30 Veil Of Maya
    21:30 Attila
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Veil Of Maya

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