Cheeky Monday invites RUN BRISTOL!

Cheeky Monday invites RUN BRISTOL!


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Age restriction: 18+

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Cheeky Monday invites RUN BRISTOL!


Weekly Drum'n'Bass Junglistics!

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Also a badboy DJ for just as long, you can sometimes find him donning a Predator mask as he towers over the decks, a commanding and calculated presence to be reckoned within the dance.  It’s tunes like ‘Iced’ and ’40 HZ Skank’, as well as his high-octane DJ sets, that propelled him into super-stardom way-back-when, and in the minds of many, solidified him as a bonafide legend resulting in too many collaborations, endorsements and appearances to list.  
Having graced the catalogues of many iconic, foundational labels like Charge, Ganja, Frontline, Full Cycle, Digital Soundboy, Philly Blunt and Metalheadz, all one needs to do to understand why Drum and Bass royalty like Hype, Goldie, and Roni Size took notice so early on is…listen.  Listen to any of it.  It’s as though Heist had the foresight to be as fastidious about what he released to others as he has been about what he releases on his own signature imprints, Sumo Beatz, Calypso and Co-Lab. 
Receiving previous critical acclaim whilst engineering for DNB forefather and legend, Goldie, as well as on his own celebrated productions, Heist has found a home for most of his current output on two-time award-winning label, Low Down Deep Recordings.  Big things are coming on the label, like a massive remix of Dominator and Logan D’s classic, ‘Cowboy’.  Some exciting future projects are also in the works for a few labels that have yet see the likes of Heist…like the venerable Viper Recordings and Get Hype Records.  The return of Sumo Beatz is also in store, with a ‘Heist & Friends’ series on its way for 2018 release! If history serves, there’s truly no telling what Heist will cook up next or how hard his freshley brewed basslines will hit, but the future does look bright for the now D&B legend to say the least.  With a plethora of music in the works as well as tour dates across Europe and the globe actively brewing in the cauldron, 2018 is looking deadly.
Last, but definitely not least, Heist has opened his studio-ethic to the masses via 121 tutoring.  Already having exposed an army of audio ninjas to a bespoke learning opportunity unlike anything else, he tailors these sessions to suit the needs of anyone, anywhere.  He’s truly become a specialist in his craft.

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