15 Jaar Cinéma Arabe: Yallah! Underground (2015)

15 Jaar Cinéma Arabe: Yallah! Underground (2015)

Cinéma Arabe x Melkweg Film


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15 Jaar Cinéma Arabe: Yallah! Underground (2015)

Cinéma Arabe x Melkweg Film

Cinéma Arabe celebrates its 15th anniversary in the Melkweg with one of the most talked about and appreciated films from the festival catalogue: 'Yallah! Underground' from 2015. In this documentary director Farid Eslam follows some artists from the underground scene in the Middle East. The film paints an optimistic picture of cities like Amman, Caïro, Haifa and Ramallah, but at the same time it becomes clear that criticial artists still experience a lot of resistance.

Before the film we show the short 'Before I Forget' from the Syrian Razan Hassan and afterwards you can stay tot dance at Poptrash in the Upstairs.

Festival Cinéma Arabe, the platform for Arab film in the Netherlands, presents the best contemporary cinema from countries such as Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. Through the eyes of filmmakers from a diverse and dynamic region, the festival offers a different look at life in the Arab world: the view from the inside. In this way Cinéma Arabe contributes to a more balanced view of the Arab world and the Arab diaspora, particularly in the Netherlands.

Recurring themes in the program are the consequences of political unrest, war and occupation, migration and identity and family matters and the status of women. Most films are not shown in the Netherlands outside the festival – while some films may not be shown in the country of origin. Since 2013 Cinema Arabe is an annual festival. Cinema Arabe is an initiative of Foundation Sphinx Art Productions.

  • Director
    Farid Eslam
    Duitsland, UK, Egypte, Canada, VS
    85 minuten
    Spoken Language
    Engels, Arabisch
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