De Beeldenstorm (1982)

De Beeldenstorm (1982)

50 jaar Melkweg - Keuzefilm


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De Beeldenstorm (1982)

50 jaar Melkweg - Keuzefilm

Inleiding: Ard Hesselink

The Melkweg celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and with many programmes during the whole year. For film there's 50 special films including film selections of Melkweg icons.

The film 'De Beeldenstorm' is chosen by former film programmer Ard Hesselink. This documentary from Johan van der Keuken from 1982 shows a unique portrait of the Melkweg in the early 80's. Before the film there's an introduction by Ard Hesselink himself, accompanied by some special archival footage.

In celebration of the ten year anniversary of the Melkweg in 1980 film director Johan van der Keuken was asked to make a film about this unique venue for music, dance, theatre and film, and multicultural meeting place for visitors from all over the world. At the beginning of this documentary, Van der Keuken calls De Melkweg ‘a place where people can sit, hear things and do things.’ He alternates images from concerts with sober still lives of a lamp, a table corner or an empty café. In the street outside, he films junkies and walks around with a British man, who has settled in Amsterdam and thinks that more people should be engaged in art. Van der Keuken labelled this fragmentarily edited film ‘a Melkweg-in-film, a fictional space that the world rolls through and where a number of lives meet.’

Ard Hesselink (Utrecht, 1951) worked from January 1978 until mid 1982 as a coordinator of the Melkweg Cinema. Afterwards he worked for two years in New York for an independent film convention, worked as a film journalist and organised film events (1984-1990), programmed one of the first satelliet tv channels in the Netherlands (1987-1993) and worked in the latter years of his career in ICT and creative development in elementary education. From 2014 he is working on photography and historical art projects.

  • Director
    Johan van der Keuken
    87 minuten
    Spoken Language
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