Death Bells

Death Bells


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Death Bells

Ever since their high school days in Sydney, childhood friends Will Canning and Remy Veselis have been planning to start a new wave band together and go out into the world. No sooner said than done, and after their 2017 debut, Standing at the Edge of the World, and the follow-up single "Echoes", Death Bells left their hometown of Sydney for the United States.

The band expanded and while the contemporary post-punk scene increasingly seeks out the hard-core society critical side of punk, Death Bells lingers in that psychedelic druggy new wave romance.

Meanwhile, Death Bells has joined the Dais Records family for their highly anticipated second album. Death Bells and 'New Signs Of Life' Prove: There Is Life After the Pandemic. A matter of perseverance, they board the tour bus again and on Saturday 19 February they will finally come to Melkweg. 

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