Decolonising The Loop:

    What African philosophy can teach us in electronic music

    Josephine Zwaan


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    18:30 Deuren open 19:00 Talk: Decolonizing the Loop 19:45 Q&A 20:00 Einde

    To date, Western music theory has dominated our thinking about music, but what if we open ourselves to new possibilities? Music producer and researcher Josephine Zwaan introduces ideas from African philosophy and music tradition to better understand electronic music. For this edition, Josephine delves deeper into the themes of innovation, AI and social change and examines the stratification of decolonization of contemporary electronic music

    Josephine Zwaan is the founder of rosetta., the innovation platform for female and non-binary producers, raps like SUZOOKI SWIFT and is the driving force behind the pursuit of an inclusive and decolonized electronic music industry.