Devil's Pie - D'Angelo (2019)

Devil's Pie - D'Angelo (2019)

Presented by Wicked Jazz Sounds


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Devil's Pie - D'Angelo (2019)

Presented by Wicked Jazz Sounds

To celebrate Wicked Jazz Sounds' weekly residency in the Melkweg, every month we will present music films curated by the people behind Wicked Jazz Sounds. Tickets grant 1 month one time free entry to Wicked Jazz Sounds' club night!

This Sunday it's all about the music of  D’Angelo with the new documentary 'Devil’s Pie' at later in the club night a salute to one of the most mysterious figures of the contempary music scene, who with his albums 'Brown Sugar' (1995) and 'Voodoo' (2000) created an unequalled status in the neo-soul movement.

At the height of his career, during a very successful tour in 2000, D'Angelo disappeared for fourteen years. In 2014 he returns to the spotlight with his third album Black Messiah followed by a world tour. He will be face to face with a world that he turned his back on. With him and everyone around him the question araises if he will go down again. Devil's Pie is a psychological drama in the (musical) universe of D'Angelo. The film by director Carine Bijlsma tells the story of a great musical talent who returns into the public arena after 14 years of absence in destruction. While we discover his musical vision and talents, the documentary tells the story of a man who is stuck between fears and dreams. It’s about the price of fame, the loneliness of an artist and the pressure of the music industry.

  • Director
    Carine Bijlsma
    84 minuten
    Spoken Language
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D'Angelo - Devil's Pie

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