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Let op: deze show vind plaats in Q-Factory op Atlantisplein 1.


Diamante knows what it means to truly shine. With iridescent sapphire hair, a show-stopping voice, runway-ready fashion swagger, and an empowering message, the Boston-raised and Los Angeles-based Mexican-Italian-American siren brings a new (and blue) fire to rock and alternative music. 
 Diamante spent her teenage years cutting her teeth at local gigs on the Sunset Strip to become the powerhouse performer she is today. A disciple of both P!nk and Guns N' Roses who doesn’t fall into rockstar excess or even sport tattoos, she devoted every waking minute to honing a signature “hard rock sound with a modern alternative edge.” 
 After extensive touring with bands like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, and Shinedown, Diamante is in full force shining brighter than ever before!

For the die-hard fans there is an extra VIP package available, which includes a two song private acoustic performance from Diamante, a tour poster, and Meet & Greet. This package does not include general admission. Click here for VIP tickets!

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