Enter the Sequence

Enter the Sequence


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Enter the Sequence

Loes, Liam Pek, Yaro Mila, De Kade, Meryn en DJ Flamingo

An evening where a collective love for electronic and modern pop music comes to life. On June 1, Loekas de Brouwer, Nick van Leeven and Merijn Mooijman will graduate from the Conservatory of Amsterdam. From hihpop to hyperpop, there is something for everyone to dream about. Here's to the unforgettable evening that these men have been working towards for the past four years! Want to Enter the Sequence?

De Kade
Take a step in his Dutch-language sample-pop adventure. Catchy, slickly produced songs with an underground twist. After years of searching, he (Nick van Leeven) finally got the project of his dreams off the ground. Everything starts out locked in the attic room with just Nick and a laptop. The translation of the productions into a killer live show is the best challenge there is. His filthy beats and high energy, combined with vulnerable vocals, give a fresh impulse to Dutch pop music.

Have you always felt the need to dance and cry at the same time? Feel free to let go of all your emotions with the electronic music of Loes, an electronic live duo founded by Loekas de Brouwer and enhanced by the vocals of Nick van Leeven. The two gentlemen combine their predilection for modern electronic pop with the edge of epic rock and a touch of melancholy. Thick beats, heavy bass and distorted voices fly around your ears.

Meryn’s music is best described as Soul-pop with R&B and Hip hop influences. Romantic lightness with soul searching lyrics. Inspired by Mac Miller, Macy Gray, David Bowie and illustrious old soulstars, Meryn finds his way to a new sound that has his own distinctive signature.

Yaro Mila
Yaro Mila sounds like hyperactive, loud, rebelious pop surrounded by colourful synths.  
Her Gen-Z anthem songs are about to take this digitised world we live in by storm. She fuses punk guitars riffs with Berliner-beats and bubbly synthsscapes  
to create a hyper-tech, pixelated rainbow-poppin’-world where we can live in.  
Yaro Mila is unapologeticly extravagant and in her musical candy store you can taste the sweet strawberry flavours of Britney Spears, the sourness of Mother Gaga’s early work and Ashnikko’s and Dorian Elactra’s dirty and confusing aftertaste. Taking the last couple decades of Pop Music’s children and making her own sonic frankenstein-baby, both honouring and flipping them off at same time. This is the future music for the rebel kids. Who’s with me! Let’s make this pump and kick sum motherflippin’ ass. Yeehaw!  

DJ Flamingo
Huge basses, big sound, massive party. It’s DJ Flamingo.

Enter the Sequence is part of the Maydays graduation festival from the Pop department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Ticket sales have already started, so make sure to secure yourself a spot!

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