Fucked Up

Fucked Up


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Fucked Up

The Canadian band F*cked Up originated in 2001 in Toronto, Ontario. These punk provocateurs play aggressive and inflammatory music that differs from the punk standard because of the use of surprising arrangements and lengthy experimental passages combined with furious guitars and raging vocals. The members of F*cked Up are proven beasts by the gigantic list of limited singles, EPs, splits and mixtapes that the sextet released alongside their five full length studio albums. But the ambitious punks, which have given themselves rather bizarre nicknames, are even more intense live.

Early 2019 singer Pink Eyes, lead guitarist 10,000 Marbles, drummer Guinea Beat / Mr. Jo, bassist Mustard Gas, guitarist Concentration Camp and Young Governor, third guitar and backing vocals at live shows, will bring their badass anarchist show to this side of the Atlantic Ocean. During this tour they will also take a serious attempt to destroy the Upstairs. If there’s even a slightly bit of punk blood pumping through your veins, you should make sure not to miss this show!

Fucked Up - Queen Of Hearts (Live on KEXP)

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