I exist: European stories of islamophobia

I exist: European stories of islamophobia

Nina Berman, Tanya Habjouqa, Olga Kravets, Bénédicte Kurzen, Sebastián Liste


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I exist: European stories of islamophobia

Nina Berman, Tanya Habjouqa, Olga Kravets, Bénédicte Kurzen, Sebastián Liste

Exhibition by NOOR

I exist is a group exhibition of five NOOR authors. The narratives of I exist seek to perform a challenging task: amplify the voice of those often marginalised in the contemporary discussion of Islam and its role in Europe. Bringing together the work of Nina Berman, Tanya Habjouqa, Olga Kravets, Bénédicte Kurzen and Sebastián Liste, I exist shares the personal stories of Muslims in Spain, France, Belgium and Italy, hoping to live as citizens but othered in a hyper-visible and critical reality.  

Exploring the diversity of the European Muslim experience as well as the diversities of European Islamophobia, these stories provide an opportunity to counter the narrow, brittle, and false vision of a Europe besieged by ravening Islamic fanatics bent on destruction.

How the increasing religious diversity of Europe will manifest itself in the years to come is a key topic in the works included in I exist I exist brings such complex, interpenetrating discourses to the fore and offers viewers the opportunity to contemplate one of the most urgent questions facing Europeans of all faiths: how can we live as we are together? How can Europe finally reconcile reality and principle and become a truly multicultural space?

Produced by NOOR 
NOOR is a collective uniting a select group of highly accomplished visual storytellers, photojournalists, image-makers, writers and artists, using photos, video, words and sounds to document, investigate and witness our world. Since its establishment in 2007 in Amsterdam, as both a photo agency and a foundation, the international roster of NOOR’s accomplished and award-winning member photographers have documented civil and political unrest, women and children’s issues, war, famine and natural disasters throughout the globe. As a group, NOOR’s members share concerns, and accept the challenge of expressing these concerns in a visual language capable of renewing itself with respect to the human dignity of their subjects.

Project partners: Transnational Institute (NL), IZI Solutions (NL), NOOR Images (NL), Comité Justice & Libertés Pour Tous (FR), Un Ponte Per.. (IT), Fundación Alfanar (SP), Public Interest Investigations (UK)

Co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program of the European Union Rights

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