Jaya the Cat

Jaya the Cat


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Jaya the Cat

Supports: Too Many T's / Freddy & The Scabies Sisters

Jaya the Cat is an international bunch that merges ska, reggae and punk into its own catchy sound. The band is almost constantly touring through Europe, but after the amazing sold out show in 2017 they are back to their second home the Melkweg.  Support this time comes from the old school hiphop duo Too Many T's from London and the local crossdressing bluegrass collective Freddy and the Scabies Sisters, to make this night one big party again!

  • 18:30 zaal open
    19:00 Freddy & The Scabies Sisters
    19:45 Too Many T's
    20:50 Jaya The Cat
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Jaya the Cat - Amsterdam (Official Video)

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