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Jazmin Bean


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20:00 Doors 21:00 Jazmin Bean

Meet the expressive singer and makeup entrepreneur Jazmin Bean!

There comes a moment in a nightmare when you force yourself to return to reality, and Jazmin Bean represents that dark part of your psyche. In their inventive compositions, Jazmin Bean explores the extreme boundaries of altpop, metal and trap. Their latest project WORLDWIDE TORTURE is a colorful pop musical and B-movie of the highest order: coersively sweet, before it drives a metaphorical dagger into your side. Like a Tim Burton animation with an even murkier, more bloody streak.. In their music, as well as live, this manifests itself in references to Hello Kitty, the intriguing appeal of horror music, the nostalgic charm of Fraggle Rock and the compelling stories of Tim Burton films.

On Sept. 25, Jazmin will perform at our most intimate hall, the Upstairs!