Joost van Bellen All Night

Joost van Bellen All Night


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Age restriction: 18+

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Joost van Bellen All Night

Obscure, sultry, intense, a bit horny you could say. That's Joost van Bellen All Night. This living legend did not end up behind the geraniums, as we say in the Netherlands, after the conclusion of the chapter RAUW. In recent months he has crammed himself into a Speedo and dived into the darkest corners of the web to find new unheard music. He oiled himself excessively and squeezed into darkest crevices of the internet and stuck his nose in the most sinister places. What did he find? 

A surplus of musical disdain, as well as rough diamonds in the genres Pots and pans techno, Weirdohouse and Electroclash 2.0, which he will inject into the room as an intoxicating perfume.

There’s going to be bumping, grinding and pumping...oh my, is it getting hot in here or is it just us? It's Joost van Bellen baby, all night long. 

Joost Van Bellen @ O.W.A.P. (Warehouse Elementenstraat) 01.04.2017

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