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Support: Cracked Up

Although often lumped in with the "Seattle Movement" of the early '90s (due to their sound, look, and attitude), the all-female punk band L7 originally hailed from Los Angeles. After their break-up in 2001, L7 played their first show together in 18 years at the Echo in Los Angeles in May 2015, followed by an international tour, which is bringing them to Melkweg Amsterdam this summer! The seeds for L7 (whose name was taken from a slang term in the '50s that meant someone who was a "square") were planted in 1985. With Nirvana finally bringing punk to the mainstream, bands such as L7 suddenly became "en vogue", issuing its best-known album with 'Bricks Are Heavy' in 1992. 

Amsterdam-based band Cracked Up opens the evening with their punk-rooted, loud, opinionated and, fundamentally... cracked up rock!

Cracked Up

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