Louis The Child

Louis The Child


Price € 18,40*


Dit concert is helaas afgelast vanwege familie omstandigheden. Restitutie voor aangeschafte tickets en eventuele lidmaatschappen wordt automatisch teruggestort.

* Excl. € 4 (month)/€ 25 (year) required membership.

Please note: this event has already taken place

Louis The Child

Support: Andrew Luce / Beaudamian

"Europe Fans - Due to a family emergency, we are canceling the Amsterdam and Cologne dates.  All fans will be issued full refunds.  We will do everything we can to re-schedule and make it up to you.  Robby is performing solo in Barcelona.  Thank you for understanding" - Louis The Child

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Louis The Child - Better Not ft. Wafia
Andrew Luce

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