Lunch Lecture 'All Flourishing is Mutual' | With Norbert Peeters, Jasper Griepink & Hannibal Kitchen

Lunch Lecture 'All Flourishing is Mutual' | With Norbert Peeters, Jasper Griepink & Hannibal Kitchen


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Lunch Lecture 'All Flourishing is Mutual' | With Norbert Peeters, Jasper Griepink & Hannibal Kitchen

Lunch lecture 'All Flourishing is Mutual' 

The multimedia group exhibition ‘All Flourishing Mutual’ opened last 5 March at Melkweg Expo. The exhibition explores our connection to the natural world and the interrelationships between humans and the more-than-human world. By inquiring into our siblings—plants, animals and fungi—we explore morphing into new beings, the connection between humans and nature and our mutual flourishing. In order to offer more depth and food for thought and to enjoy all the beautiful and inspiring things that nature has to offer, we are organizing an in-depth lunch lecture on Tuesday 5 April from 12:00 to 14:00, in collaboration with co-curator and participating artist Jasper Griepink, botanical philosopher Norbert Peeters, and vegan chef Hanneke van Tol (Hannibal Kitchen).

Jasper Griepink: Introduction on the exhibition concept and Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

Jasper Griepink (NL, 1988) examines all things related to the concept of living together through performances, installations, interventions and texts—including spirituality, ecology, gender, language and the political space between these subjects. Griepink co-curated All Flourishing is Mutual in Melkweg Expo, together with Colette Olof. During this lunch lecture, Griepink will dive deeper into the thematics of the exhibition, with a special focus on Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerers work.

Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, Professor of Environmental Biology and member of Citizen Potawatomi Nation (a North American indigenous community in present-day Oklahoma), wrote the book Braiding Sweetgrass in honour of the natural world. Her writing, which inspired the title of this show, introduces us to the indigenous teaching of the “Honorable Harvest”: How to take and share the gifts of the natural world in a wise and balanced way. It teaches us how to give back our human “gifts” to the world; care, attention, respect and love.

Lecture Norbert Peeters
L'Amour végétale: What flower pollination teaches us about humans

In the book Camera Obscura (1839), Hildebrand writes 'a flower is just like a human'. After birth, humans burst from their buds, bloom briefly and then wither away. Incidentally, Hildebrand is not the first to have drawn a similar comparison. Earlier in time, the French philosopher Pascal described the human as a 'trembling reed'. And his compatriot and colleague La Mettrie went one step further with the publication of the pamphlet: L'Homme plante (1748). In this pamphlet, he describes a series of far-fetched similarities between flowers and people. Yet, drawing comparisons between flowers and humans is not without merit. In this lunch lecture, botanical philosopher Norbert Peeters talks about the discovery of flower pollination. Find out what the love life of plants teaches us about people, agriculture and technology.

Vegan lunch by Hannibal Kitchen

Processes that are elusive, such as the melting of distant ice caps and the loss of biodiversity, have an irreversible impact on all life on Earth. Nature will continue to exist, the life of mankind on earth is finite. Unless we relate in harmony with the natural resources.

Hannibal Kitchen serves as an example to reduce our impact on nature through our daily bread. Ingredients for the vegan menu come from the immediate vicinity; picked wild from nature or from surplus from organic farmers - energy that would otherwise have been lost. Wild and organically grown plants evolve with changes in the climate and thus form a sustainable source of food for the future!

The programme

11:30 - Walk-in
12:00 - Opening speech and introduction to the exhibition by participating artist and co-curator Jasper Griepink
12:30 - Vegan lunch by Hannibal Kitchen
13:00 - Lecture by Norbert Peeters: L’Amour végétale
13:45 - Q&A with Norbert Peeters and Jasper Griepink
14:00 - The end

Photo: Ella Yolande, Let me bloom a little longer.