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Mabassa, presumably a portuguese word for twin brother, blends pop music with brazilian-african vibes. The name represents the musical connection between two musicians from different continents. Breno Viricimo moved from his home country Brazil to continue his musical career and met Nate Dizco. They had more in common than just playing the bass: writing songs and telling stories. “In writing songs together we found a way to express our day-to-day inspirations and frustrations. We create music to move and connect with people.”. This night they present their second EP 'Antes (Que Eu Esqueço)', with special guest Lilian Vieira from Zuco 103.

Breno Viricimo - Guitar and Vocals
Nathaniel Klumperbeek - Bass and Vocals
Marc Mangin - Sax / EWI / Flute and Vocals
Anan den Boer - Keys
Yorán Vroom - Drums
Yariv Vroom - Percussion
Ramon Ginton - Guitar

MABASSA - Talvez (Lyric Video)

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