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Omizs Party

Europe Tour

Omizs / Crystal Murray (Live) / Broodoo Ramses / E.T! / Tida Kamara / Joiah


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  • Minimum age 18+

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Singer, rapper, photographer, artistic director, at the age of 26, Omizs is a colorful personality of the Parisian art scene. In 2021, he launches the Omizs Party, a unique concept: for one night, his guests celebrate art in all its forms in venues where everyone can assert their identity, without judgment. 

After attracting over 5,000 people in Paris, the Omizs Parties are now being exported internationally: the Omizs Party Tour will be the first to bring the Parisian artistic avant-garde all around Europe. From Geneva to Amsterdam, via Ibiza and Paris, Omizs will invite international artists to perform in legendary cultural venues during June and July 2023.