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RADAR: Politie Warnsveld / Olaf Putker & the Scenic Sound


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At Melkweg RADAR, discover the latest Dutch acts of the moment, live from the UP! On Friday 6 September, we welcome Police Warnsveld and Olaf Putker & the Scenic Sound!

Olaf Putker & the Scenic Sound

Hand in hand with The Scenic Sound, Olaf Putker leads you into a ‘Scenic Wonderland’ with music that balances restlessly on the border of americana and indie rock. Musical inspiration comes from acts such as Wilco, Elliott Smith, dEUS, Counting Crows and JOHAN.Where Olaf likes to weigh and weigh in his lyrics, The Scenic Sound (consisting of hometown friends Nathan Becker, Len Harmsen and Boaz Kuizenga) leaves the doubts for what they are and the songs flourish like never before. This allows the music to be celebrated as the foursome does best: with energetic and cheeky live shows where friendship shines through. The band has previously played sold-out venues at Paradiso, Hedon, Rotown and Doornroosje, released two singles so far that have been celebrated by KINK Radio, 3voor12Gelderland and others,

Politie Warnsveld

Is not for the weak-hearted. Give yourself a chance to clap through your ashes to our indomitable energy. With scary tunes, raunchy lyrics but above all a heavy dose of dopamine, we'll grab you by the hand on your way to the wonderful world of Pret-Ska! Brace yourselves, because it's a tsunami of pleasure, a horse drug that will have you foaming at the mouth hoping to see the light of day again one day.