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Roujin Z (1991)

Kaboom Anime

Inleiding Tess Wiskerke


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20:45 - Doors 21:15 - Start Introduction 21.25 - Start Film

Together with Kaboom Animation Festival we bring the best anime to the big screen!

An disabled elderly man is volunteered for a bizarre science experiment. He is given a robotic bed linked directly to his brainwaves, allowing instant gratification. This seems like a wonderful deal, until this seemingly harmless bed goes out of control and transforms into an unstoppable robot.

Screenwriter Katsuhiro Otomo is best known for his 1988 manga and anime film Akira, in which oppressed misfits try to dominate the ways of a dystopian society. With Roujin Z, Otomo once again gives attention to a group forgotten by society: the elderly. In a hilarious and poignant way, the makers criticise elderly care in today's society.