Sean Gascoigne en Lewin

Sean Gascoigne en Lewin


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Sean Gascoigne en Lewin

Sean Gascoigne is like a musical octopus; he plays guitars, drums, harmonica, sp404 and sings all at the same time. Known for is one-man-band act but also does an occasional surprise show with a full band. His music is fast, slow, loud, soft, pretty and ugly, his lyrics are bitter-sweet with a cynical and dark edge. His shows are funny, awkward, sarcastic and real. All of his music he created all on his own in his fully analog studio, playing all the instruments himself, creating layer upon layer of sound on his tape machines. Sean Gascoigne, the sound Painter. For fans of: (early)Beck, Dr. Dog, Picasso and Wes Anderson.

Hailed as the “Joni Mitchell of the low lands”, ‘Lewin’ is the fresh musical leaf that has been turned by songwriter and musician Jara Holdert. Her debut album, of which two EP’s and several singles have already been released, was recorded and produced in Haarlem and Berlin with her lover and muse, Aaron Ahrends. What the two of them didn’t know at the time was that the songs that Lewin was writing were presciently describing the breakdown of their relationship - months in advance - and indeed, during the post-production process their love fell apart, leaving her prophetic tunes about the impending breakup hanging in mid-air. It took space, time and a new artist name, but Lewin is now ready to present these emotionally-charged and deeply personal recordings to the world.

“ Lewin discovered a powerful sense of redemption in the midst of loss, while her cogent and tuneful rehashing of a failed union brings an artistic sense of closure to a bad situation. Her gorgeous soprano might remind you a bit of Joni Mitchell in the upper registers, while her musical temperament feels closer to the bardic stylings of Laura Marling. Lewin's sound is a refreshing mix of emotional authenticity and beautiful folk-pop songcraft.”

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