Tip-Off #6 - Hybrid

Tip-Off #6 - Hybrid


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Dit programma wordt volgens de coronarichtlijnen georganiseerd. Je dient daarom een geldig coronatoegangsbewijs te laten zien bij de ingang. We volgen hierbij de actuele adviezen en regels van de overheid en het RIVM. Lees hier wat dat betekent voor jouw bezoek: www.melkweg.nl/jouwbezoek *** For this program a corona entry pass is required. We follow the guidelines of the government and RIVM. Here you can read what that means for your visit: www.melkweg.nl/en/yourvisit

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Tip-Off #6 - Hybrid

Are you in the big black hole after the academy? Are you looking for an open view from outside or just curious about new projects by young artists? Grab your moment at Melkweg Expo's Tip-off! Tip-off brings you short art talks and gives young artists a stage to present their projects. This is the place to discover new angles or meet creative souls to bounce ideas off.

We kindly invite you to join us at TIP-OFF #6: Hybrid, where we will swan dive into exploring what hybrid means and represents, from cultural hybridity to the fusion of the physical and virtual realms.

  • Curator Marina Paulenka will talk about the exhibition currently at Melkweg Expo, HYBRIDS: Forging New Realities as Counter-Narratives. In the exhibition eleven artists challenge their mostly lens-based work by finding new ways of representing it, while Paulenka in the exhibition wants to take you from the physical space into an online world.

  • We introduce Anke Sondi (27) a digital artist and graphic designer, born in Cameroon by a Cameroonian mother and a German father. At the age of 12, her family migrated to Germany. This was a real culture shock and reflects the moment she became aware of her blackness. Torn between wanting to assimilate or going back, she became increasingly interested in that in-between space that a lot of people living in the diaspora navigate in. In her thesis (BA Graphic Design, KABK) Disrupting Whiteness she aims to facilitate the designing of a future of true hybridity without white supremacy. Her graduation project Places of Belonging explores the formation of identity in mobility by questioning the notion of ‘home’. Her work evolves around the use of new technologies and analogue techniques. She will speak about what hybridity means in the context of her thesis and work. 

  • After talking with Marina and Anke we continue the conversation informally, to discuss and exchange ideas, hear about projects and pose whatever question springs to mind. You can ask for feedback on your work or just discuss topics that are important to you.

  • Anke Sondi is also our Tip-Off #6 designer! Every new edition of Tip-Off we will ask a freshly graduated designer to develop a new look-and-feel, hoping to introduce some new design views to you! She will also capture everything discussed at Tip-off live in a visually arresting graphic piece. 

  • All moderated by Kimberly Willems

Tip-off wants to inspire young artists and provide them with tips & tricks for their career. Let’s talk about what’s going on in the art world or more importantly: what’s more to discover. Connect and help each other out. 

This program is organized according to the corona guidelines. You must therefore show a valid corona certificate at the entrance. We follow the current advice and rules of the government and RIVM. Read what this means for your visit here: www.melkweg.nl/jouwbezoek

This event is in English.

Tip-Off is supported by Pictoright Fund and the Mondriaan Fund.