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Price € 27,60*



Price € 21,85

This is the moved programme from May 10th. Tickets and memberships remain valid. 

* Excl. € 4 (month)/€ 25 (year) required membership.


Alyona Alyona / YUKO / Latexfauna / Cape Cod / Love ‘n Joy / Postman / Sasha Boole / Lucas Bird / Straytones / The Unsleeping / Kurs Valut / 5 Vymir

Ukraine is one of the most unknown and undiscovered countries in Europe. This is, especially on a cultural level, really a shame. UKRAJINA gives you the oppurtunity to get to know the best bands and artists of the country in many genres, from singer-songwriter to electronica. Next to the music there's also a documentary programme plus Q&A with the makers. In our cafe MILK you can get to know the contemporary Ukrainian kitchen.  

Supported by Liveurope, an initiative supporting concert venues in their efforts to promote up-and-coming European artists.

alyona alyona – Відчиняй

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