ASKV, ism Criminal Minded staan stil bij de verhalen van vluchtelingen via muziek, films en verhalen

    Gesprekken met: Ousmane (Guinea) / Dr Haitham Abdulkareem (Sudan) / Amir Khomeiran (Iran) / Mustafa Hadziibrahimovic (Bosnie) / Erik Rouw (ASKV) Hosts: Chris Keulemans / Emiliano Kotadiny Live muziek: Ousmans / Freedom Jay / Forgotten Stone


    Please note: this event has already taken place

      19:30 Doors

      As part of World Refugee Day on Tuesday, June 20, ASKV steunpunt Vluchtelingen, will collaborate with Criminal Minded Foundation and Melkweg. An evening reflecting on the personal stories and contribution of refugees in our society. The program consists of three parts:

      - An informative first hour with talks

      - The second hour brings live music

      - And with djs in the last hour

      Admission is free, and contribution is welcome! You can reserve your spot in advance via this link.

      This program is organized in collaboration with ASKV steunpunt Vluchtelingen & Stichting Criminal Minded