Wolfgang Flür / MusikSoldat (Ex-Kraftwerk)

Wolfgang Flür / MusikSoldat (Ex-Kraftwerk)


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Wolfgang Flür / MusikSoldat (Ex-Kraftwerk)

Support: Peter Duggal

Wolfgang Flür became known worldwide as the electro drummer of Kraftwerk (1973 - 1986). Together with his musical partner Florian Schneider, he developed the world's very first electric drum pad board at the time. Rightfully legendary, and perhaps one of the most influential figures for electronic music. Under the name MusikSoldat, Flür has been presenting his own musical vision in clubs and at festivals as a DJ / solo act since 2004. During these audiovisual liveshows, thanks to rare footage from his Kraftwerk past and later projects, you're really in the middle of the history of electro, techno and industrial.

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