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Melkweg Expo is an open platform and exhibition space for exhibitions of innovative contemporary photography. Every month we focus on new emerging talent. Due to its location Leidseplein and atypical opening hours, not only an interested art public visits the Expo, but spontaneous encounters and confrontations with a wide audience are possible. Melkweg Expo is an approachable stage where young people get in touch with art and culture in a casual way. It’s also the only photography venue open until 23:00. 

Melkweg Expo shows pop culture in all its aspects: art that concerns identity, our society or a new emerging talent. By showing quality in an accessible way we want to reach people who don’t often visit an exhibition and hope to highlight topics which open the eyes of the audience. Through a contemporary, diverse program, actual subjects, the diversity of photographers and a monthly change of exhibition, Melkweg Expo still captures the attention of the public and media. 

Melkweg Expo