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Call for Curators

In addition to the ambition to be a platform for artists, Melkweg Expo has also made the first steps towards offering a place for beginning curators. And it tastes like more. That's why we launch a Call for Curators. It allows us to constantly bring in new voices, visions and sounds. To refresh ourselves, but above all to learn from other insights. The selected curator will be given a platform to develop an exhibition concept within the walls of Melkweg Expo. A team with curatorial expertise supervises the realisation.

In 2021 we start with Jessy Koeiman. She has developed the exhibition concept Back in the Day is our Future for us. Jessy graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam (Lifestyle & Design) in 2017. She focused on styling and photography with a more specific aim on visual culture and critical studies. As visual artist, her projects are directed at social cultural intersectionality, being and spirituality. She is Curator of Collective Learning at Kunstinstituut Melly since 2018. In 2020 she completed the “Inclusive Leadership” course provided by the Academy for Culture Management. She is co-founder of and a model at Evd Agency. Back in the Day is our Future is her first curated exhibition.

For the start of 2022, we will issue an open call for beginning curators:

Call for Curators: DIGITAL IDENTITY - SELF CARE from 07.01.2022 – 20.02-2022 Melkweg Expo

Do you want to develop yourself as a curator under the supervision of Melkweg Expo? Create a concept based on the description below and work out how artists could realise this.

The growing number of young people with mental problems due to the use of digital (and social) media is worrying. Depression, compulsive disorders and feelings of insecurity and emptiness are becoming increasingly common.

The digital world connects with the whole world, but the consequence can be is that young people have lost the connection with themselves, as a result turn inward and can no longer think and feel outside themselves. They no longer relate to reality and only seem to function online. Their own self is formed by the opinions of others, by which they measure themselves 24 hours a day. Empty digital slogans, a heart, a thumbs up and sometimes a few characters.

In your concept you incorporate a vision of digital identities and their social and emotional aspects. You question the thin boundaries between the virtual and reality, but you also offer a medicine by separating the visitor of your exhibition from the daily digital reality.

Who is eligible?
• You have graduated from an art school as a maker and you want to work as a curator and/or you have more than 1 year and less than 5 years of experience as a (self-taught) curator.
• You have an distinctive own view of the proposed topic.

Send to before 1 November:
• A short bio
• Brief explanation of your interpretation of the concept of a maximum of one A4.

If you are selected, you will receive a fee for your work. You will receive a message by 15 November at the latest. If you are selected, the curation and production of this exhibition will take place from November 15, 2021 to January 7, 2022. You need available during this time. For the period of the exhibition, we ask you to be available for any events, tours and media requests.

Questions? Please email us at or call Fleurie Kloostra: 06-10302625 

header picture: Nick Chesnaye