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And the best music film of 2021 is...

Melkweg Film & Cineville said goodbye to 2021 together with an election for the best music films of the year and we have a winner: David Byrne's American Utopia! Hopefuly we can screen the film in our Cinema soon. Keep an eye on our website, newsletter and/or socials for this!

In his wildly popular Broadway show American Utopia, former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne reflects on human connections, life and how on earth we work through it. He joins the dots with his music and it all starts making sense. Spike Lee here transforms the production into immersive, dynamic cinema that radiates with astounding performances, inventive contemporary dance and political urgency. American Utopia flows like an iridescent dream vision. Work by James Baldwin, Janelle Monáe and Kurt Schwitters is highlighted among exhilarating renditions of Byrne’s solo work as well as Talking Heads classics. According to the multi-hyphenate, we love looking at humans more than anything else. Anti-fascist and anti-racist, Byrne illuminates our responsibility to care for one another as he and his co-performers burn down the house.

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