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Graphic report of TIP-OFF #5: Creating Art Residencies

With happy faces we look back at our online event TIP-OFF #5: Creating Art Residencies! Together with guests Ayo, Arda van Tiggelen, Tom van Veen, Lotte Geeven from DutchCulture | TransArtists, Pedreira - Experimental Artistic Residency, de Nieuwkomers, moderator Fenne Saedt and over 50 participants, we looked at art residencies from different angles. From how to set up an artist-in-residency as a curator or artist to how to find the perfect residency as an artist. We shared tips and exchanged thoughts and wild plans.

To capture the evening—not in images but in a graphic piece—we invited graphic designers Elene Hulleman and Sjors Bazelier. They created an amazing graphic report, packed with quotes and practical tips from our speakers. Check it out here!

Only love for the Mondriaan Fund, the Pictoright Fund and our lovely guests and participants.