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Graphic report of TIP-OFF #7: Exhibit!

Saturday December 18, we organized Tip-Off #7: Exhibit!. With guests Amelie Rose Schüle - former UNSEEN curator and current Head of Projects at Foam Fotografiemuseum, Ola Lanko - artist and teacher, Gerrit Rietveld Academy alumnus Enrico Garzaro and moderator Kimberly Willems and many participants, we highlighted the different sides and possibilities of presenting your work. The approaching lockdown gave us all the more food for thought: how can you find alternative ways to present your work during lockdown times? Think of outdoor presentations and online exhibitions. We shared tips and exchanged thoughts and plans.

In order to capture the event not only in pictures, but in tips and words, we invited graphic designer Inna Kochkina - who is also a Rietveld alumna. She processed her experience and everything she heard in a graphic and textual report. Check out her report, packed with practical tips and insights from our speakers!

Thanks to the Mondriaan Fund, the Pictoright Fund and our guests!