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Alma Kim needs your help!

Alma Kim is one of the two photographers selected for Follow '21, the coaching program for beginning photographers organised by Melkweg Expo and Fotolab Kiekie. For her project she is looking for people, please read her call! 

Hello, this is Alma Kim, a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Recently I was selected for Follow ’21. I am working on a project related to immigrants; both plants and humans. Nowadays our society is more diverse. How do we make this space home, how do we root here and grow from here? I am looking for people in their 40s 50s, and 60s from countries not yet mentioned below.  

At the start of this project I did four interviews with people in their 20s from Uganda, South Korea, France, and India. I will do four more interviews with people in their 30s from Iran, Belarus, China, and Japan. 

I would like to meet you at your home and ask you what journey you took to make this country your new home. What made it difficult or what made it easier? I believe collecting and sharing different stories will help people who are not in the same situation as us to understand. It can also help people who are in the same situation as us. 

If you wants to share your story please contact me:

  • You have to live in NL for around five years. 
  • Interview will happen at your house/room, it will take around one hour and a half and it will be recorded with a camera. 
  • Language in English. 
  • I will take a portrait of you after the interview.
  • This interview and your photo will exhibited at the end of November in Amsterdam (location to be announced) 

Follow is made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fund and the Pictoright Fund.