ROOM: UP | TIME: 23:00

Artan, a North London artist, is known for his unique blend of melodic, progressive rap that stands out from the dominant drill and afrobeats. He gained recognition with his 2016 "Blackbox" series episode. Recent independent releases like "Whym I High?" and "She's a 10 but..." have marked career highs, with his latest mixtape, '3.5 and a Dream,' amassing over 30 million streams in the past year. Artan's introspective lyrics and summer-ready beats make him a standout in the LoFi genre.

About Oyster

Oyster will return on the 17th of February 2024! Melkweg's new festival is dedicated to the UK Hiphop, R&B and Electronic sounds. Discover some new artists as well as some more established names.