“I’m surrounded by men all day, every day. I support them, and they support me. In a world where so many people want to cause division and separation, I am blessed to be in a nurturing environment - and one where I am not singled out or made to feel different because of my sex.”

For her upcoming show Studio 417 at Melkweg, London based artist Teoni has made new works of private moments that she has captured within the studio space that has seen her graduate from an assistant to a full time and widely recognised artist. Named after the studio she has shared with other creatives, artists, musicians and skateboarders, the exhibition comprises twelve works of oil paint and pastels on paper. Studio 417 is a love letter to the importance of space, a celebration of community, and a recognition of tender masculinity

As a London based figurative artist, Teoni interrupts the fast paced life of her city by exploring the vulnerability of human nature. Working as an independent artist since leaving her role as an assistant to conceptual artist (and protege of the late Virgil Abloh) Olaolu Slawn, Teoni has sold works to Afrobeats sensation Wizkid, British rapper Little Simz, and fashion designers Clint419 (Corteiz) and Hussein Suleiman (Daily Paper) amongst others. Her recent public art projects include a mural with studio collaborators Slawn and Atlantic Johnson and a massive installation commission from Doc Martens. 

About Oyster

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