Claiming Space Talks & Workshops

CLAIM YOUR SPACE! Melkweg Expo encourages women* to claim their space. No steps back, no more apologies, not too loud or too much. We will no longer be modest or ashamed. Speakers and artists make a powerful plea for the sexual freedom of women and WOMXNHOOD gives the stage to women in hip-hop, followed by a DJ set by BAO G to shake off prejudice against women. Chop up the patriarchy in the artistic, culinary spectacle, brought to you by Vegan Lesbian Curry and get — in preparation of the Women's March — a crash course in taking up space by Questions Collective.

Join us!

*With women we mean everyone who identifies as a woman. 

All talks and workshops are free. Do you want to support us and our program? Buy a ticket and pay as you like.
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