Cool Japan Anime: What A Genderful World

Melkweg x Tropenmuseum

Together with Tropenmuseum we will continue showing some of the best anime on the big screen, after the successful series coinciding with their exposition 'Cool Japan'. With their new expo 'What A Genderful World’ we are are showing a series of anime with strong female characters from studio's like Ghibli and Chizu.

Gender is a hot topic and what we see as masculine or feminine is largely culturally determined. In the exposition you dive into the world of gender and discover how this is expressed and experienced worldwide. For example pink has only been a girls’ colour since the 1950s in the West, on Fiji policemen wear a skirt and in Japanese kabuki theatre men play women’s roles.

Also in Japanse anime there's being played with gender, a world where everything is possible. There's a cool witch of 13 years old on adventure, a single mum with werewolf children, an ex pop star who has trouble shaking her past, a teenager who can travel through time and an ancient story about a princess who enthralls all who encounter her. Discover all films below!

Want to dive further into gender? Then visit the exhibition ‘What A Genderful World’ in Tropenmuseum.