Melkweg Expo

Melkweg Expo is an exhibition space for contemporary photography and a platform for young artists, located in the heart of Amsterdam. While our main focus lays on photography that explores identity, our society or pop culture in in the broadest sense, we occasionally welcome other forms of visual art as well. Characterized by a playful and accessible approach, we seek to unveil high quality art, which is innovative, engaging and inclusive.

Our main goal is to nurture and promote emerging talent and present them to a broad audience: from art admirers and photography addicts to casual passers-by and music lovers after a Melkweg concert. We’re open till 9 PM to make spontaneous encounters and confrontations with art possible.

With local and international allies we present a unique and mostly free programme of 10 exhibitions a year, a multidisciplinary festival, practical tip-offs, portfolio reviews, enlightening talks, screenings, easy-going gatherings and of course our renowned opening parties.

During the press conference on October 13th, the Dutch government announced a partial lockdown. Therefore Melkweg has decided to close its doors immediately for four weeks. We will not organize any activities for the public in our venue until at least Wednesday November 11. Unfortunately, this means that our Expo space will also close its doors during that period and that the ‘Arty Party: Photography Graduates # 3’ exhibit and our SIZZLER event have been cancelled.

Entrance via MILK café, Marnixstraat 409
Entrance = free

Online reservation
To visit the exhibition, a free online reservation by email is required. Claim your reservation by sending an email to with your time of arrival and your name and mobile number. 

Your visit
Before you can enter the Expo, you must report to the MILK bar. They monitor whether there are not too many visitors in the Expo space at the same time. You leave the room through the second door that is marked 'exit'. This is for everyone's safety. You must therefore follow the indicated route at all times and adhere to the instructions of our staff.

The following applies to everyone: take each other into account and use common sense. You will be informed on site about the applicable walking routes.

Health check
To prevent the spread of the corona virus, we ask you to stay at home if you have symptoms of a cold or the flu. There is a mandatory health check before entry. We will also ask you for your contact details. More information about the health check can be found on this page.

House rules
1. Keep a suitable distance – 1,5m minimum
2. Stay home If you´re experiencing symptoms of a cold or the flu.
3. Do not shake hands and avoid physical contact with others
4. Disinfect your hand upon entry and regularly wash your hands
6. Please leave your name and phone number at the bar
7. Cough and sneeze into your elbows
8. Adhere to the instructions of our staff
9. Travel on foot or by bicycle to the Melkweg as much as possible, only use public transport if there is no other option.

Face mask is mandatory
Following the advice of the Amsterdam-Amstelland safety department, it is mandatory to wear a face mask during a visit to the Melkweg. We kindly ask you to put on your face mask upon arrival and keep it on during all walking movements. As soon as you take a seat in your designated chair, you can take off the face mask.

Do you have questions about your visit to Melkweg in times of corona? On this page you will find an overview with the most frequently asked questions and answers. Is your question not listed? Send an email to We are happy to help you.

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