Art by this year’s graduates, with tunes & talks

Expo, Cinema, Upstairs, OZ, Upstairs Bar, MILK

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Art by this year’s graduates, with tunes & talks


Third time’s a charm. Our ARTY PARTY army thrived and we set them out around the country to bring us today’s talented artists, straight from the graduation show. Together, we unite all the art disciplines and young artists to shatter classic presentations, embrace the extraordinary and to let art rule for one glorious night. Friday August 2nd, we serve you freshly graduated talent, art in unexpected places, speed dates with talent scouts, a Stampa special: art talk show, art talks and tunes. To put it simple: art = party. Admire, experience, dance and we will save you a spot in art heaven. 

Check the timetable here!

Be on time if you want to check out the art works. After 00:00 the party continues upstairs!

Huge shout out to our lovely scouts from De Apotheek, De Appel, Galeriereporter, Heesterveld Creative Community, Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Kunsthuis SYB, Museumnacht Amsterdam, Nest, New Dawn,  Patty Morgan, Pisswife, Ruis, Tent, This Art Fair, Tubelight, Vleeshal, Witte de With, WOW and Young Stedelijk.

Aniek Kroes, Bodil Ouédraogo, Co Knol, Daan Couzijn, Diana Gheorghiu, Diego Grandry, Dirk Vaessen, Esra Copur, Fabian Reichle, Ghiel de Best, Hava Özbas, Hester Haarsma, Jason Harvey, Jean-Baptiste Castel, Jessica Tiemessen,  Julia Luteijn, Karlijn van Beurden, Larice Schuurbiers, Loretta Monique, Lou Buche & Javier Roderiguez, Maria Luiza Grymonprez, Naomi Jansen, Natasha Rijkhoff, Nora Welgraven, Pip Pender, Rowena Buur, Sara Daniel, Sarah Wong, Simon Keizer, Sven ten Berge, Tobias Groot, Tom van Veen, Veronika Vidø, Victoire Eouzan 

Talk show Stampa presents a special edition at ARTY PARTY, totally dedicated to art graduates from then and now. With fashion that fools surveillance cameras by Teddy Kamper, the only painter and journalist who visits all the graduation shows: Niek Hendrix. Why Suzanne Swarts, director of one of the biggest art collections, visits every exhibition and also Frédérique Olthuis, Ian Skirvin, Daniel Siegersmax, Mirjam Vreeswijk, Victor Crepsley, Marije Roos and your hosts of the evening: Gover Meit and Ellis Kat

Bring your portfolio and get from 20:30 - 21:30 a speed date with: Flor Linckens - Galeriereporter, Marleen Kers & Lisette Bockwinkel - Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Fleur Schoonhoven - Young Stedelijk, Jet Nugter - Heesterveld Creative Community - HCC, Gyonne Goedhoop - TENT Rotterdam, Rebecca Fertinel - New Dawn, Fenne Saedt - RUIS, Mette Samkalden - This Art Fair, Manus Groenen - Kunsthuis SYB, Miriam van Ommeren & Marjolein van de Ven - Tubelight, Robin Jay - Pisswife zine, Michela Trovato Giancardillo - Museumnacht Amsterdam and Patty Morgan.

​DOGMA - the host of this year's ARTY PARTY tunes. DOGMA have been running underground parties in and around AMS for several years now: constructing parties for freaks that seek in the dark broken spaces orbiting the edges of the city. Their events recruit rising local artists from the Dutch acid, wave and electro scene, paired with a back to basics attitude. Pure raving. From philosophy through to execution. 

RACHEL GREEN - No art without party and no party without Rachel Green! Amsterdam born and based Rachel, has been in the game for over 10 years. She grew up on Hip Hop, Dubstep, Funk and walked amongst all musical paths throughout the years while combining them in her sets. Constantly evolving her musical spectrum Rachel has become one of the most multi faced DJs around.

KNOW V.A. - Amsterdam-based duo Know V.A. is one of the voices in the current renaissance of Dutch early hardcore. Driven by the search for the new, the two producers strip down the hard dance music they know until only the core principles remain. With the sheen of brute violence removed, a softer and more intricate existence appears.