Asian Milky Way

Asian Milky Way

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Asian Milky Way

Friday the 13th of December Its finally time! ASIAN MILKYWAY where else than in the Melkweg, Amsterdam!

Specially for all the sweet honey's and sugar daddy's. Friday the 13th of December, completely lose yourself in the music with your best friends, the whole squad, or even your future ex, all hell will break loose with more than 10 act's from across the solar system. This time with a Special Theme! because it's WINTER! so for one night 'Melkweg' will become Cancun of the Netherlands. Prepare for a hot night filled with crazyness and the most sexy party people in the universe (that means you).

- Irwan
- Lawrence Apaga
- Nelson Dior
- Johnny Deff
- Host by John Kho
- Hids
- Rufus Riley
- The New Boy

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