Final Countdown: Asian Party 2018

Final Countdown: Asian Party 2018

Strictly Urban Music


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Totaalprijs € 18

Minimumleeftijd: 18+

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Final Countdown: Asian Party 2018

Strictly Urban Music

Mike Rock / Ubi / Johnny Deff / Lawrence Apaga / Benji / Winston Man / Phat Q / Hids / Jerra MCs: Jonna & John Kho

Don’t you think one night of New years’ is not enough? So do we! And thats why we are celebrating NYE a bit early this year, are you die hard enough to go all out until the final count down? Saturday 29th of December Melkweg Amsterdam, the last asian party of 2018 so be prepared for a crazy start of your NYE! 

- The best DJ’S
- Live entertainment
- Goodie give-a-way 
- Multilevel fissa
- And more...

Human entertainment presents:
The Final Countdown
Asian Party 2018

-Mike rock (TikTak/Hipster)
-Ubi (Vunzige Deuntjes/resident Club UP)
-Johnny Deff (Club Prime/John Do resident)
-Lawrence Apaga (Ultra Europe/Forestland)
-Benji (Brothers Open Air/La Musica)
-Winston Man (Club Zentral Hong Kong)
-Phat Q (Live Superclub Filip./Club Zentral HK)
-Hids (div Clubs)
-Jerra (div Clubs)

-Jonna (Vestival/Pal Mundo)
-John kho (div Clubs)

HuMan Entertainment asianparty Melkweg Amsterdam spring 2017

Melkweg tipt