I'M PRETTY PISSED!!! Are you too? During this inaugural edition of Pretty Pissed, you'll have the chance to vent your own frustrations. The PLAK collective is taking over Melkweg Expo for the day to create posters with you about the things that make you angry! Get inspired by the performances and let us know what you're PISSED about. It could be something BIG or small; the mosh pit surely isn't the only thing boiling your blood. Speak up and give your frustrations a place on the wall of our café, MILK, in the form of a kickass poster.

About Pretty Pissed

Let’s release some ANGER during PRETTY PISSED! On Saturday, May 25th, Melkweg presents "Pretty Pissed." A day filled with punk in the broadest sense of the genre, as long as it's pissed! Let yourself be carried away by the energy of shredding guitars, ruthless drums, heartfelt lyrics, and we're not afraid to embrace some electronic beats!