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Europe Tour 2024


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  • € 45
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Don't miss the exciting performances of the popular sensation Buray on his upcoming European tour! The talented singer from Turkey, Buray, is touring Europe again after the great success of his previous sold-out tour. This beloved singer-songwriter made his breakthrough eight years ago with his first album "Bir Şişe Aşk", which featured hits such as 'İstersen', 'Sen Sevda Mısın' and 'Kimse'nin Suçu Yok'. With his follow-up albums 'Sahiden' and 'Kehanet' he broke countless records and definitively established his name in the Turkish pop scene.

In 2021, his most recent album 'Başka Hikayeler' was released, with the song 'Alaz Alaz' which became an instant hit. Now he is about to release a new album and meet his fans in Europe with brand new hits! Join his long-awaited European tour and be enchanted by his romantic and rousing songs by Turkish singer Buray!