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Practical information


    • You can use our lockers to store your coat and other belongings. You can rent a locker in one of the following ways:
      • Scan the QR code on the posters outside in the queue at the entrance or in the foyer. You will be directed to the Keynius website, where you can rent a locker online. After payment, you will receive instructions by email to open the locker. In case you don't have signal or mobile internet, you can use our Wi-Fi network 'Melkweg'. 
      • If the above is not possible for you because, for example, you don't have a smartphone or your phone battery is dead, you can visit our colleagues at the service desk in the foyer on the ground floor. They will be happy to assist you!
      You can open and close your locker multiple times during your visit and it’s easy to share them with the rest of your group.

      How do you open and close the locker?
      After making a reservation, you will receive an email from Keynius at the provided email address. In that email, you will find a link to control your locker and share it with your friends. You can open your locker by clicking the 'Open' button in the browser. By pressing the locker number on your locker within 30 seconds, it will open. When you close the locker door, it will be locked again.

      Are you leaving? Click on the red 'Open & Go Home' button. Your locker can be opened one more time, and then it will be available for rent to another visitor. Please make sure to leave the locker empty once you've selected this option.

      Locker sizes
      • Medium €3 (approx. H.21 x W.30 x D.40 cm). This size can fit approximately two coats or one coat and a small bag.
      • Large €6 (approx. H.45 x W.30 x D.40 cm). This size can fit approximately four coats or two coats and a small backpack.
      If you've rented a locker but your items don't fit, you can ask one of our colleagues at the service desk to upgrade your locker to a larger size, if available.

      We recommend leaving very large items like musical instruments or suitcases at home or storing them in a locker at the station.
    • ​The starting time specified in the events calendar is the time that the doors open. For most concerts, the complete time schedule is announced in the events calendar at least one week in advance. Showtimes are always subject to change.
    • As the length of a concert is determined by the artist, we are unable to specify an end time for concerts. In most cases the main act will take a maximum of 1.5 hours. Club nights usually end at 4.00 or 5.00 am. The duration of films and theatre shows are specified in the calendar.

    • For concerts and film an age restriction of 6+ applies, unless specified otherwise. If you are aged 14 or under, we do advise you to be accompanied by someone who is 18 or older.

      At club nights you'll find the age restriction that applies specified on the event page. In general, the age restriction for our clubnights is 18+.

    • Visitors that are 18 years or over are allowed to purchase and consume alcohol. In Melkweg we use wristbands as a proof of age: Are you between 18 and 25 years old? Get your wristband at the service desk (on presentation of a valid ID). In this way our bar crew can easily see that you are 18 years or older. Please note: It is prohibited to purchase and pass on alcohol to visitors who are under 18. Any evidence of this will deny you entry. This also applies to the visitor who accepted the alcoholic beverage.
    • Melkweg is accessible to visitors with disabilities. Our building has several rooms, which means that often different programs take place at the same time. On this page we discuss the accessibility of our building in general and the various rooms in detail.
    • In our cozy café MILK you can enjoy drinks, lunch and dinner. For opening hours, location and more information, please check this page.
    • You may bring your reusable water bottle to Melkweg if it's empty upon entry. It is not permitted to bring your own drinks inside. This way we can eliminate plastic disposable bottles. Make sure you drink enough water during and prior to your visit.
    • Melkweg supports the covenant prevention of hearing damage music sector and the campaign I Love My Ears, because we think it is important that you can enjoy music as long as possible. With high sound pressures, it is important to use protection. In Melkweg earplugs are available! For more information about sound and hearing protection, please refer to the website of ILoveMyEars and the website of the National Hearing Foundation.

    • Want to stay informed about our program and the latest news? You can subscribe to our newsletters at this page.
    • ​At the Melkweg our House Rules apply.  In our Privacy Statement (Dutch) we describe how we deal with personal information of the visitors of our website: and buyers of tickets of the by us (co-) organized other events. Melkweg visitors are also subject to the General Terms and Rules for Visitors of Venues and Festivals of the Dutch Association of Music Venues and Festivals.
    • Please send all feedback to
      Regarding complaints: we are committed to treating all complaints fairly and thoroughly. Therefore an internal investigation of the situation is often required first, before we can send you a substantiated response. We strive to send a personal response within 14 days.

    • ​The easiest way to purchase tickets is via the ‘Tickets’ link provided next to each event in Events. Our box office sells both presale tickets and tickets on the day. 
      Please note: and are the only official online ticket selling points. Any other websites offering tickets are re-sellers. You often pay a much higher price and risk buying tickets that are invalid.

    • ​Purchasing tickets in the presale will require an additional service cost of 15% of the ticket price. Our online and box office (presale) tickets have no further additional fees. Postal bookings or purchases at other presale addresses will also include an additional distribution fee.

      For most clubnights there is an adjusted door sales price. If this is the case, this is stated on our website. This price applies from half an hour before the start of the relevant clubnight.
    • In case an event is rescheduled, already purchased tickets and memberships remain valid on the newly scheduled date. If you are unable to attend the event on the new date, you can request a refund up until one day prior to the new event date via this form on The amount paid for the tickets including service costs and memberships (if applicable) will be refunded to the bank account or credit card used for the purchase.

      For more information about the ticket scheme 'Bewaar Je Ticket' (save your ticket) please see this page.
    • If an event is cancelled, the amount paid for the tickets including service costs and memberships (if applicable) will be automatically refunded by Ticketmaster to the bank account or credit card used for the purchase. The amount will be credited within 4 weeks. Please note: you can only expect an automatic refund if you have purchased your tickets online via Did you purchase a hard copy Ticketmaster ticket? Please find the information about requesting a refund over here. Shipping fees will not be refunded.

      For more information about the ticket scheme 'Bewaar Je Ticket' (save your ticket) please see this page.
    • In case an event is indicated as sold out on our website, there really are no more tickets available. We strongly advise against purchasing tickets via other websites than or Any other websites offering tickets are re-sellers. You often pay a much higher price and risk buying tickets that are invalid. For further information on ticket reselling, please go to Weet Waar Je Koopt (in Dutch).
    • We are a non-profit organization with cultural and social objectives. Purchasing a membership alongside your ticket allows us to provide a broad cultural programme, with plenty of room for new talent. Most events require a membership. This is always specified in the events calendar.  
      There are two kinds of memberships available. A monthly membership costs € 4 and is already included in your ticket! You don't have to buy a separate membership. For every membership you purchase you will receive a membership code. Are you planning on visiting another program in the Melkweg within the same month or do you have an annual membership? Then use your membership code in the ordering process. This way you can use a valid membership multiple times. You can find the membership code and the validity period of your membership in your Ticketmaster account. You can also find more information on the Ticketmaster website
      If you visit us regularly, it is easier and cheaper to become a Year Member for € 25 per year. As a Year Member you get many extra benefits, such as free access to various programs. More information can be found on the Year Member page.
    • ​A cinema and theatre discount is given to CJP, Stadspas and 65+ card holders, when presented with a valid ID. The discount varies per event and is specified in the events calendar. CJP card holders also receive a discount on the Year Membership.
      Discount or free entrance with a Cineville card varies per film and is specified in the events calendar. You can find more information about Cineville on
    • For most films there is free or reduced entry with Cineville and you can order Cineville tickets on the website of Ticketmaster. Cineville tickets are only valid when combined with the Cineville pass. After ordering you will not receive a ticket or barcode, but a confirmation. You will receive your ticket after scanning the Cineville pass upon arrival. In case you would unexpectedly not be able to attend the movie screening, timely request cancellation via Please include  your customer and order number. More info about Cineville can be found on the Cineville website.

    • You can buy Melkweg Giftcards on the website of Ticketmaster. These giftcards are only available online, and can also be used exclusively online, so not at our cash register. The giftcards are available between: 10 till 250 euro. You can buy a digital or a physical giftcard. The digital giftcard will be send by e-mail, the physical giftcard by post.
    • ​You cannot make reservations for cinema and theatre, but you can buy tickets in the presale via our website.
    • You can order Melkweg merchandise at our webshop
    • Our box office is open daily (incl. weekends) from 12.00. You can also order your tickets online at
    • We handle the information you enter on this site and/or the information that we receive from our ticketingpartner Ticketmaster with great care. You can read more about this in our Privacy Statement.