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Emo Night Mainland

‘The Sleigh’ tour


  • Price:
  • € 14,40 voorverkoop
  • € 17,50 deur
  • Minimum age 18+

It's Not A Phase, Mom! Emo Night Mainland is coming to the OZ on December 21st. In recent weeks, you’ve seen ‘The SLAY tour’ at other locations, but for Christmas, we’re turning it into ‘the SLEIGH tour’. Grab your skinny jeans and black band shirt or Christmas sweater and scream along to your favorite 00’s emo, pop-punk, metalcore, and punk rock songs.

The DJ teams of Emo Night Mainland will spin your favorite anthems that used to be on your MP3 player and still grace your Spotify Wrapped today. Expect lots of classics from Good Charlotte, A Day To Remember, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Bring Me The Horizon, and 30 Seconds to Mars, but also new hits from bands like Neck Deep, Stand Atlantic, Beartooth, and Holding Absence.

So call all your friends, because this is a night not to be missed.