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Heavy is The Night

Age of Aconitum / Johnny DY / Mirovian Drift


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19:00 Doors 19:30 Show

Students of AEMA present: Heavy Is The Night.

Age of Aconitum 
California-born Age of Aconitum began her musical career as a gothic metal singer, but extended into the electronic sphere in an act of both self-expression and self-preservation. Using cinematic atmospheres, hypnotic rhythms and haunting, Nordic-style vocals, she invites her audience into a state of release and surrender. Age of Aconitum’s music serves as a testament to the delicate space that exists between beauty and darkness. She navigates the intricate terrain where light and shadow intertwine, within her music and within herself.

Johnny DY
Johnny DY/Douaji is an electronic music producer and enthusiast from Damascus who is obsessed with sounds. For the past few years, he has been expanding his knowledge, exploring different soundscapes and new possibilities through his conservatory studies in Amsterdam. Drawing inspiration from artists like Solomun, Bicep, and Jon Hopkins, Johnny’s musical identity is rapidly developing, his unique blend of musical styles cannot be simply described as melodic techno or breakbeat. Through the use of found sounds and experimental sound synthesis, Johnny’s genre-fluid music has developed into a rich, evolving, and groovy soundscape.

Mirovian Drift

‘/mɪˈroʊviən drɪft/ - a subtle but observable shift or movement in the orbital paths of celestial bodies within a particular planetary system’

Mirovian Drift is the collision of two electronic music producers, who, inspired by the universe, blend pulsating rhythms, etherial melodies, and otherworldly textures. Mirovian Drift's compositions serve as a gateway to alternate dimensions, where time and space dissolve into sonic vibrations. Born from the collaborative synergy of two Amsterdam based humble earthly artists: Amir Sadeghzadeh aka Sonic Nomad and Ivo Jansen aka Yobi Tsugi, Mirovian Drift embodies a fusion of experimental electronic music with each of them adding their own emotions and fascinations into the eclectic galactic mix. Prepare to listen, dance or drift away, to each their own experience.