James TW


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Dit is de nieuwe datum voor de verplaatste show van 1 april '22. Kaarten en lidmaatschappen blijven geldig voor de nieuwe datum.

British singer-songwriter James TW returns to Melkweg!  He struck his first record deal when he got discovered on Youtube by Shawn Mendes, but his music career began much earlier as a 10-year-old drummer in his father's wedding band. In his teens, he added the piano and guitar to his c.v. and began uploading his own covers on Youtube. He cites John Mayer and Ed Sheeran as inspiration, and his soulful voice is indeed akin to them. The new EP 'Heartbeat Changes pt. 1' features the enchanting single Butterflies and we hear a James TW with more catchy hooks and a mature sound. High time for a new show for Dutch audiences!