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When I Hear Your Name Tour


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Rising R&B artist Maeta first stole the hearts of fans through SoundCloud releases and Instagram cover clips. Her debut EP, ‘Do Not Disturb', was released in 2019 and expressed Maeta's many moods and emotions. Her artistic parents encouraged their daughter’s creativity, and like many parents, the music they played around the house became the building blocks of her sound. She gravitated towards the music of her teen years including Kid Cudi, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé and SZA and their ability to use music to speak truth to their feelings. These influences, her natural singing ability and the fact that she is a self-proclaimed “daydreamer” who “falls in love too fast” and is drawn to sad songs, brought her to the sound you hear today - blending pop and soul with lyrics that allow Maeta to be a voice for those who struggle to express their emotions.